Emma Watson

Emma Watson is surely one of the most inspiring person of 21st century. Best known as a great actress starring in the Harry Potter films, she is also known for always having a pen close by. Whether it be on screen when she is writing down spells with her feather quill as Hermione Granger, or making study notes with a Parker fountain pen.

During one scene in Harry Potter film, when the students were taking notes using their quills, Emma wasn’t pretending to write. She was actually using it. Here’s what she wrote:

Emma studied English Literature at Brown University and fell in love with the Parker brand. Not only did it help her achieve what she hoped in her studies, but it has also helped her draft persuasive speeches as part of her activism for gender equality.

However, in February 2019 she attracted another great attention from pen aficionado by showing her copper Kaweco Liliput fountain pen in a conference carried out by G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council in Paris. It needs to mention that she was only 24 years old when she was asked to serve as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. What a real inspiring personality !

Another admirable thing of Emma Watson is surely her support and solidarity for the freedom and humanity in Palestine.

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